A high resolution satellite map, listing and illustrating most of the 92 recorded drinking houses trading in Bishop’s Stortford and Thorley since the 16th century, can now be linked to on Guide 10 – Inns and Public Houses. List includes Inns, Taverns, Beer Houses, Public Houses and Hotels, but not clubs or restaurants.

Each Guide also now links to Google Map satellite images of Bishop’s Stortford and Thorley, and includes photographs of subjects mentioned in the text.


Returning visitors to this website should always refresh pages. Minor revisions and additions to text are not always listed as an update.

World War II

Included on the site now are pages that give an insight as to what it was like in Bishop’s Stortford from the start of the Second World War in September 1939 until its end in August 1945.
Virtually all local information was referenced from the archive of the Herts & Essex Observer newspaper, which continued to be published throughout the war.
Photographs of the town at that time are, understandably, few and far between but if any visitor to this site has any they would like to share, I’d be grateful to receive and publish them.
It is also a sad reality that those who lived through the war are now getting fewer and fewer. If you have any memories of the war years in Stortford, or know of anyone who might have, I’d love to hear from you.

2013 updates

GUIDE 2: Clement Joscelyne – revised text
GUIDE 2: Corn Exchange – revised text

GUIDE 3: No 4 High Street – revised history
GUIDE 3: Tissimans – revised text
GUIDE 3: William Searing Close – new text
GUIDE 5: Revised history of local British Legion
GUIDE 5: John Dobede Fairman – new text
GUIDE 5: Rayments Forge – revised text
GUIDE 5: Chantry House history
GUIDE 6: Pearsons – revised text
GUIDE 6: The George Hotel – revised text
GUIDE 6: Boardmans closes for good
GUIDE 6: Carr & Bury leaves North Street
GUIDE 7: Brookhouse Place revised text
GUIDE 9: John Whalley – revised text
GUIDE 10: Waggon and Horses – revised text
GUIDE 10: Pearse House – revised text
GUIDE 10: Joseph Day, stonemasons – additional text
GUIDE 11: LJ Sheppards – revised text
GUIDE 11: Charles Woodford painting – revised text
GUIDE 12: The Tanners Arms – revised text
GUIDE 14: Thomas Dimsdale – revised text

2009 updates

GUIDE 6: Carr & Bury – revised history
GUIDE 7: Whitehall – revised history includes demise of Whitehall College
GUIDE 7: Memories page – former residents memories of Whitehall Riding School
GUIDE 11: Dane Street – added history of No 41 Dane Street
GUIDE 12: Southmill Road – revised text includes mention and meaning of site formerly called ‘White Posts’
GUIDE 12: Warwick Road – revised text includes mention of the Enclosure Act 1920

2008 updates

GUIDE 11: River Stort – pictures of riverside development
GUIDE 14: The Castle pub – added text about landlord William Salmon’s son, Charles Salmon
GUIDE 10: Memories page – former residents memories of Dimsdale Crescent in the 1940s and 50s
GUIDE 8: Linkway – The Causeway Secondary Modern School: includes a former pupil’s memories of the school 1950 – 1954
GUIDE 6: Dr Robert Wallace – No 23 North Street
GUIDE 5: Chantry Mount School – includes a former student’s memories of the school in the 1960s

2007 updates

GUIDE 7: Meadowlands (see Grange Paddocks) – new text
GUIDE 12: John Laybank Glasscock (1854-1929) – Brief biography

GUIDE 12: Hockerill Turnpike Trust – revised and additional text
GUIDE 3: High Street – additional text about the Great Earthquake of 1884
GUIDE 10: New pictures and text for the Nags Head public house
GUIDE 8: New pictures of Jackson Wharf development
GUIDE 11: John Kynnersley Kirby – new text and new picture
GUIDE 4: Church Interior – new text regarding church memorials
GUIDE 4: The Churchyard – new text regarding churchyard memorials and pictures
GUIDE 4: Windhill – Arrival of the Fifth Leicestershire Regiment 1914
GUIDE 10: Haymeads – pictures of the new development, including the restored workhouse, are on the MORE PICTURES page
GUIDE 8: Causeway – pictures of the new Causeway development and ‘old’ Jackson Wharf
GUIDE 3: High Street – revised text
GUIDE 3: Basbow Lane – new and revised text
GUIDE 4: Windhill – additional text
GUIDE 4: British Legion – additional text
GUIDE 5: Hadham Road – revised and additional text, ‘Carfield Castle’
GUIDE 6: North Street East – revised and additional text
GUIDE 6: North Street West – revised and additional text includes Speechly & Milbanks chemist

2006 updates

GUIDE 3: Tissiman’s – new and revised text
GUIDE 6: No 17 Pearsons/Sworder – revised text
GUIDE 6: No 19 The Chequers – revised text
GUIDE 6: Herts & Essex Observer – revised text
GUIDE 8: Hughes Timber Yard – additional text
GUIDE 9: The Crown Inn – additional text
GUIDE 13: Post Office – revised text. Also additional information about Stortford’s postmasters, 1703–1897, and a brief chronology of the postal service in the town during the 19th century.
GUIDE 2: Curriers Arms – revised & additional text
GUIDE 6: White Horse Inn – revised text
GUIDE 6: North Street No 17 – new & revised text
GUIDE 6: North Street No 15 – new & revised text
GUIDE 7: The Grange – additional text
GUIDE 7: Barrells Down Road (Lindsey Road) – revised & additional text
GUIDE 9: Hockerill Workhouse – new text & pictures
GUIDE 12: Stagecoaches – additional text includes 19th c. stagecoach timetables


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