My gratitude to the following individuals, past and present, for their invaluable help in making this website possible.

Bernard Engel, County Councillor, for his unrelenting help at the start of this project; Sharon Aldersley, for her constant encouragement; Margaret Bright; Matthew Clark; Jacqueline Cooper; Peter Davies; David Bayford, Chairman of Bishop’s Stortford’s Royal British Legion; Nicholas Belcher; members of Bishop’s Stortford Town Council; the late Nick Bernays; Brenda Frayne, Hertfordshire County Council; John Trotman, Headmaster, Bishop’s Stortford College; Bill Hardy, Thorley Church historian; Walter A. Gilbey; Ted Harvey; all past and present reporters of the Herts and Essex Observer; Peter Higginbotham; John and Gill Holman for keeping my computer going; David Hopper, Head of History, Bishop’s Stortford College; John Ingham, Town Clerk; Clive Appleby; Wally Wright, for putting me right on one or two points of history; Ted and Pauline Shirley; Ian Kettridge, Bishop’s Stortford Football Club; Tim Berners-Lee for inventing the Internet; Tony Lynch, for his humour and editorial advice; Peter Maslen; Ron Emerson; Peter James; Steve; Dr Robert Guthrie; Mr Newman; Marjorie Nicholls; John Shirley, for his map drawing skills; Iain Stevenson, for his expert knowledge of Bishop’s Stortford’s postal history; members of St Michael’s church; members of the Bishop’s Stortford & District Local History Society; Royal Academy of Art Library.

Special thanks must go to Hannah Kay, former Curator of the Rhodes Museum, for allowing me access and use of the museum’s photographic archive; John Sparrow and his family for allowing me to reproduce images previously used in many of his late wife’s books about Bishop’s Stortford; Steve Ingless for allowing use of his private collection of photographs; Big John from Radio Caroline; the Trustees of Doctor Johnson’s House; the National Library of Scotland. Heartfelt thanks to my son Chris, who took the time to put this website together.

The origin of some photographs used on this website has been hard to trace, but I will gladly credit their source if contacted.

Since the launch of this website on 23 September 2004, a greaty deal of additional material has been contributed by local residents and ex Stortfordians, both at home and abroad. My thanks to all of the following:

Angela Aldam; Jacqueline Cooper; John Loadman; Cedric Thomas; Joan Emerson; Carolyn Wingfield; Sue Smith; Michael Talbot; Miss Hughes; Raymond Joscelyne; James Oliver; Alison Offer; Roy and Margaret Young; Mary Augustine, Birchwood High School; Jon Elliott; Ron Taylor; Rev John Walford; James Robertson; Shirley Lawrence; Ray Smith; Michael Bates; Canon Eddie Matthews; Marie Murray; Pete Young; Fiona Bengsten; Bernard Marshall; Mrs N Poole; John Parker; Anne Plumridge; Tim Pedley; Tim Howard-Smith: Spencer Thomas; Annette McArthur Muscroft; Colin Woodward; John Pearson; Peter Warren; Roland Jagger; Paula Carhart Hilston; Mike Storey; Norma Clare; Ian Salmon; Paul Nixon; Mike McGrath; David Gosling; David Robson; Joy Gurden; Mike prior; Sarah Lynne; Bob Johnstone-Ayliffe; Dr Sarah Turner; Mike James; T Keith Matthews; Jill Vail; Tim Pribul


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